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Vegas Magic For The Family

Vegas Magic for the Family

One thing you may or may not have noticed about Vegas is that shows are more often than not, not made for family viewings. In fact, many of the most popular shows are decidedly not appropriate for children and younger audiences. Vegas has often become synonymous with sin or at the very least sex. While that is something that most definitely draws the box office dollars it is not something that makes watching shows in Vegas easy if you have children. Magic shows, however are usually a fairly safe bet from great entertainment and less adult oriented content.

One word that is certain about children and shows though is that most children not peerless love magic, they also find it utterly and completely fascinating. David Copperfield is one of the most recognized names when it comes to magic and illusion. Your children leave be keyed up from the first act through the end of the show. This is one show that you won't have to worry about sending negative messages to your family nor will you have to worry about being bored for the sake of your children with this show either. His show may ultimately be the start of something magical in your own successors, you never know. Check with the MGM Grand for show nights and times as this panoply plays two weeks every month but those weeks vary.

For a little more Xtreme Magic you should check out Dirk Arthur's show at Tropicana. This show has no age restrictions and the costs are $29 for table seating and $34 for booth seats this show has all kinds of wildlife from beautiful women, lavish dancers, Bengal tigers, a white tiger, and leopards. This show is a very exciting show that displays the art of illusion in a rather sovereign form ( kind of like extreme sports, this is extreme magic ). Show times are 2 and 4 pm Saturday through Thursday.

For a hardly any more magic, the Rick Thomas show at the Stardust Hotel has a little bit of magic for everyone. From the exquisitely choreographed moves and the help of a few showgirl type dancers he has created one of the best daytime shows in Vegas. Not only is Rick Thomas an good magician and illusionist he is also an extremely talented showman. And anything that importance keep the rapt attention of shrimp ones ( in addition to their quiet ) is a really good thing while on vacation. You can catch his show Thursday through Tuesday at 2 and 4 pm in the Wayne Newton Dramaturgy of the Stardust Hotel.

While these shows are hardly inclusive of every magic act playing in Vegas these acts are right much the ones account mentioning. If you haven't seen any of these guys perform you really have no idea what you've been missing. David Copperfield is truly the Master but he very well may have some serious competition along the horizon.

Magic is single of those things that the child in all of us never really manages to outgrow. We see it in brief moments when we hold our children for the first time, when we see their eyes light up on Christmas, when we feel the beauty and perfection of one finished snowflake. Magic is all around us and so easily hidden, there is nothing quite like visiting lone of these shows to mind us not only of the magic we're missing each and every day as well as the wonder that we left behind after all in our own childhoods.




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