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Vegas Weddings For All Tastes

Vegas Weddings for all Tastes

Vegas is almost as famous for weddings as it is for some of its more questionable roots and activities. In fact there are wedding chapels on almost every corner and in almost every dominant casino on the strip and beyond. There are themed weddings, elegant weddings, simple weddings, stranger weddings, and all kinds of weddings in between. Other than gambling, it seems that Vegas knows the most about weddings.

If you're formulation a wedding, thinking about a wedding, or simply want to avoid a wedding and would analogous to run away and get married, might I suggest one of the many wedding chapels in Vegas? It takes all kinds of people to put together a fairy tale wedding however it can be done in Vegas in a matter of monthly. There are even wedding chapels in Vegas that will rent you costumes in which to get married. There are also those that rent the dresses and tuxedos for the more traditionally minded among you.

There are all kinds of wedding packages that can be ordered from the plain Jane and simple Sue wedding packages that offer no frills and no fun to those mask more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at. Where I issue from there are plenty of sticks to be shaken. From professional photography to full service spa packages before the wedding for the bride and the bridal party there are all kinds of luxurious marital touches available to those that are willing to pay for the service offered.

Vegas is probably the only city in the world that has professionals rabid to throwing bachelor and bachelorette parties for brides and grooms to be. It really does beat all you've ever seen and more than most have ever dreamed of. While many people had dreams of fairy tale weddings and mom and dad strong for it, there are just as many who have had romantic dreams of getting married in Vegas as the very first time they heard it mentioned in movies or on TV. There are those that want Elvis impersonators singing as they share vows and others that want him to officiate the services. With so many tastes and wedding wishes, Las Vegas has come through with shining colors as far as making dream weddings possible for all those who enter.

It would seem that in Vegas, no wedding request ( as long as it is rightful ) is out of the question. From the simply elegant to the outrageously wacky there are chapels of love for all persuasions from pink fuzzy carpet and candles to outrageous dungeon looking rooms and all kinds in between weddings have been performed for many different walks of life and to confirm commitments for all manner of mortals and relationships from many countries around the world. Vegas is one of the easiest cities in the world in which to get married and all kinds of people catching advantage of that fact for a quickie wedding. The one rule is that all parties must be of legal age and must be consenting. Consent is quite recognizable on your wedding day in most cases.

If you're planning a Vegas wedding, you are not alone and I wish you the absolute best of luck as you begin your new lives in this infinitely fascinating city of many dreams.




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